Workplace Safety

Artificial intelligence and machine vision helps humans with situational awareness to reduce unsafe acts

Equipment Proximity

Keep workers safe from moving hazards such as fork lifts on blind corners and in high risk areas.

Area Controls

AI monitoring systems track and alert workers entering hazardous areas with moving equipment.

PPE Confirmation

Areas requiring specific PPE can be monitored with alerts and logging.

Safety Around Equipment

Sensors for proximity monitoring detect objects nearby, or within a set geo fence, without physical contact up to a nominal range or sensor vicinity. When an object – either person or equipment – enters into the defined sensor range the associated method of detection will record the activity and send data back to the sensor, warning devices or platforms. Common technologies used for vehicle proximity sensing include infrared, radio frequencies, Bluetooth and specialized lasers.

Equipment Proximity & Trajectory

A forklift proximity sensor is a smart device installed on a lift truck to warn an operator when the vehicle is in close proximity to an object to prevent potential accidents.

Monitoring Worker Safety

Real-time AI capabilities provide manufacturers with critical sensor data to help identify potential safety hazards and compliance violations within seconds.

PPE Compliance Monitoring

Artificial intelligence algorithms determine if the required personal protective equipment is being worn by people in designated and monitored areas.

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